Affordable Web Design

Is your web site starting to look a little dated? If so, chances are that you had it designed prior to 2005. A lot of new changes have been made in the web development industry and Interworx is at the forefront of such technologies. CSS, CMS & HTML5; sounds like some confusing terms, even for those involved in the industry. It sure is a lot to get your head around and unless you’re a train professional, designing a modern web site look will be next to impossible, just another reason to check out Interworxs range of products and services, and other great domain name websites.

All our web design packages include a few standard additions that you’ll find is often sold to you as an added extra with other web design companies. This include some of the following things which are a must of anyone serious about having a presence on the Internet.

A) Web hosting. Think of web hosting like the land upon which you build your house (web page). You simply can’t have one without the other. Some companies will build you an expensive web page and then sting you with another bill for the hosting once it’s ready to go live. All our prices include web hosting so you don’t have to worry about finding one or managing one yourself.

B) No fee for additional email addresses. Whether you want 1 email address or 100, the cost is the same. This is another trick that less reputable web design companies may attempt to trick you with. Don’t fall for it!

Websites not your thing? We’d love to recommend something different – why not buy shares to increase your capital. There are many other standard additions you’ll find that come with out web design packages so why not give Interworx a try today, you’ll be thoroughly impressed!

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