Cheap Websites

When hiring a web design company to build your business a web site, there are a few important questions you need to ask them before going ahead and handing the the project off to them. It’s unfortunate but not all web sites are made equal and not all web design companies are competent in designing you the ideal web page.

Before the building even begins, you have to flesh out the reasoning behind your web page and it’s purpose. This is part of the fundamentals of proper web design. Think of it like building a house, if you build upon a solid foundation, you’ll never encounter serious problems but build upon a weak base and you’ll always have to contend with a shaky structure. Think of 3 goals you want to achieve and use this to form part of your design process.

Next, you’ll need to do a little market research to understand who your target audience is. If it’s the younger crowd, incorporating services such as Twitter and Facebook into your site can be a great idea as these tools are used by many young surfers. If your demographic is the older crowd, try to stick to a design that is simple, uses larger fonts and doesn’t require the user to input a lot of information. Great mouse navigation is a must when developing sites targeted at seniors.

Lastly, bring your products or services to the front page and position them above the fold. You don’t want people to be unable to find the things they’re looking for. Consider investing in an analytics platform further down the track.